Klaps Immigration Consulting Inc. provides Canadian visa and immigration consulting services to Canada. With highly qualified professionals and personalized service, our mission is to help our clients achieve their goal of studying, visiting, working, or immigrating to Canada. 

We know that coming to study in a new country requires a lot of planning, and to better assist you we have  partnership with several educational consulting companies that can help you choose the course and educational institution of your interest. In Albania, Klaps Immigration is an exclusive partner of E.B.L.A – Educational Business Links Albania

If you live in Albania and would like to study in Canada, EBLA can assist you with the selection of the college and registration. Once you have all that done, Klaps Immigration will be ready to assist you and your family with the visa applications to Canada.

With hundreds of approved cases, if you plan to come to study in Canada, come and talk to us!

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