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Klaps Immigration Consulting Inc.

Top-tier immigration and consulting services in Canada.


With enchanting natural beauty and diverse tourist attractions, Canada receives millions of tourists annually. If you plan to visit it you will need to apply for e-TA or a tourist visa.


Canada is recognized worldwide for its educational institutions. Depending on the length of your studies, you will need to apply for a study permit. 


In a globalized world, having professional experience in a first world country like Canada is essential. Come check out the various work visa options that Canada offers. 


Canada is a country open to immigration. With over 60 immigration programs available, one can be for you.


We provide Canadian visa and immigration consulting services. With highly qualified professionals and personalized service, our mission is to help our clients achieve their goal of studying, visiting, working or immigrating to Canada!

Klaps Immigration Consulting Inc. is located in Toronto, Ontario. We offer consulting services via Skype or in person at our office in Toronto.If your dream is to immigrate to Canada or live here temporarily, come and talk to us.

With hundred of aporoved cases, if your dream is to immigrate to Canada or live here temporarily, come and talk to us, we can help to make it happen.

Company specializing in applying for visas and permanent residency processes for Canada

Personalized consultations to enhance your chances of success

Team formed by professionals accredited by the
Canadian Government

Focused on advising and providing solutions for professionals, entrepreneurs and students looking to get to know Canada.

Juliana M. Klapouch, BA, RCIC

She is the managing partner of Klaps Immigration Consulting. As a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, she is authorized by the government to provide advice on matters related to Canadian immigration laws.

Juliana specializes in visas and various immigration programs, such as the Express Entry.


COVID-19 - Plano Emergencial do Governo do Canadá

COVID-19 - Canadian Government Emergency Plan

The global impact caused by the Coronavirus, not only on the general health of the population, but also on the economy and other social areas, is leading governments in several countries, including Canada, to implement emergency measures aimed at the financial and personal relief of their population.


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